Who We Are

As a premier Memphis CPA and consulting firm, we are proud of our talented and dedicated colleagues. These individuals work every day solving our clients’ problems through integrity, dedication and a passion for teaching. Please feel welcome to contact any of our staff members.
Employee Last Name | A - F
Katie Abbott Administration 901.271.3135
Tracy DeBacco Balton, CPA Tax 901.271.3113
Cathy Barnes Administration 901.271.3100
Christine Blackburn Accounting Services 901.271.2381
Debbie Bosse Software Solutions 901.271.3126
Richard Brown Administrative 901.271.3112
Jud Cannon, CPA Chief Executive Officer 901.271.3111
Diane Capcovic, CPA Tax 901.271.2382
Carol Christian Accounting Services 901.271.3116
Summers Cox Accounting Services 901.271.3117
Peggy Earwood Accounting Services 901.271.2380
Jeff Futrell, CPA Audit 901.271.2372
Employee Last Name | G - M
Jennifer Guenther, CPA Tax 901.271.3117
Joseph Hale Audit 901.271.2376
Travis Hamm, CPA Tax 901.271.3132
Linda Harris Administrative 901.271.3124
Kristen Hector Director, Software Solutions 901.271.3114
Wendy Hilliard, CPA Tax 901.271.3134
Stuart Kaplan, CPA Tax 901.271.2381
Stephanie Livingston, CPA Tax 901.271.3136
Connor Mitchell Audit 901.271.2373
Employee Last Name | N - R
Justin Nance Tax 901.271.2368
David Palmer, CPA Director,  Audit 901.271.3118
Donna Pearl Software Solutions 901.271.3115
Marcus Rountree, CPA Audit 901.271.2371
Employee Last Name | S - Z
Rudolph Salcedo Tax 901.271.2361
Sheila Swartz Director,  Accounting Services 901.271.3108
Heath Thomas Audit 901.271.2377
Mike Wages, CPA Partner – Tax 901.271.3120
Dan Walker, CPA Director,  Tax 901.271.3119
Amy Wittington Administration 901.271.2360
Donna Whittington, CPA Tax 901.271.3127
Judy Wormser, CPA Tax 901.271.3125
Doug Wright, CPA, CFO CFO – Partner – Audit 901.271.3106
Taylor Zimmerman IT Director 901.271.3123